Payroll & Paye

Administering payroll and all its ramifications is a big headache for many companies. Taking time and resources to manage, we are here to help with a cost effective solution to the problem of managing staff with their independent problems.

Maternity, holidays, student loans and the whole range of payment criteria, we use Sage software to help process the regular weekly and monthly payment cycles.

Printing out pay slips securely and payments by cash, cheque or BACS. The strain is taken away of looking after a very important part of the company’s activities, namely paying the staff on time.

Liaising with HM R & C to make the necessary PAYE payments on time and at year end to ensure that all the completed filing is done to comply with deadlines. Our comprehensive service to set up;

A new payroll scheme, customized payslips, payments by BACS or cheque, administration of PAYE including tax and National Insurance, statutory maternity, paternity and sick/holiday pay, filing end of year returns online as a registered agent. With all payroll functions properly looked after as with other areas of your business, management is then left to focus on the company growth. Contact us for further information.