The income statement or profit and loss is central to tracking performance. Together with cash flow forecasting, it is vital to be able to monitor and control the financial performance of your business.

We take great care to ensure that we suggest the very best way to make savings in order to maximize profit. Key problem areas that need to be managed are utilities and phones, credit cards and petty cash.

Sage accounting software has a plethora of additions to help with the above, which give seamless reports straight from the point of main data entry.

Statutory filing to Companies House, the yearly statement of directors and company secretary and preparation to audit are matters continually watched and monitored so that fines are kept at bay.

As registered agents, we can carry out registration procedures online with Companies House and Revenue & Customs and Excise.

Setting up an internal accounting system from manually kept books and spreadsheets. Help decide whether it is better to be a limited company, sole trader or partnership. Help with budgets and forecasts to enable bank investment where necessary. Contact us for further information.